How does the GPS tracker calculate my pet's activity?

The Tractive GPS tracker contains a built-in accelerometer, which records your pet’s movements. To give you a clear picture of their fitness levels, algorithms are used to analyze this data and convert it into easy-to-read Activity Monitoring statistics. To make sure that the data is as accurate as possible, make sure that your Pet Profile data is correct.


What else should I know about Activity Monitoring data?

  • The data is synced to your account using a Bluetooth connection with your mobile device. The tracker will try and sync the data automatically when close to your cell phone. To sync this data manually, tap on the refresh icon in the Activity tab.
  • The data is linked to your Pet Profile, so it won’t be lost if you transfer your subscription plan over to a new tracker.
  • If you tap the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner of the Activity tab, you can view your monthly stats, such as the day on which your pet was most active. You can also select certain days to see how active your pet was in any given timeframe.
  • Protecting our customers and their pets is the number one priority for Tractive. Data will not be shared with third parties without your consent. 

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