How can I give my Tractive GPS tracker and subscription plan to a friend?

In case you no longer need your Tractive GPS tracker or subscription plan, you can easily give the gift of safety and peace of mind to a fellow pet-parent by transferring your tracker and remaining subscription plan to them, so that they might use it on their furry friend.

Follow the instructions below to transfer your Tractive GPS to a new user:

  1. First, the new Tractive GPS user must create a free account in the Tractive GPS app.
  2. Once that's complete, email the Tractive Customer Happiness team from the email address associated with your Tractive GPS account, letting us know your friend's email and your intent to give the tracker/subscription plan to the new user. This way we can safely transfer the tracker and subscription plan from your account to theirs.
  3. Once that's done, we'll confirm and your friend will be ready to start tracking their pet as soon as they're signed into the Tractive GPS app!

In this way, you can help to ensure the wellbeing of more cats and dogs in your community.

Note: A Tractive GPS tracker that is no longer activated under an existing subscription plan can be activated by a new user anytime at

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