What is the Leaderboard?

With the new Activity Monitoring Leaderboard feature, you can view your pet's activity data in comparison to that of other pets in the Tractive GPS app. The Leaderboard displays pets by their total number of Pet Points accumulated in the past 30 days. 

There are four Leaderboard views:

  • Global: Compare your pet's activity level with that of other pets around the world.
  • Breed: Specify your pet's breed to see how your dog or cat stacks up to other pets of the same breed.
  • Local: View the top Pet Point earners out of the local dogs and cats in your area.
  • Friends: Add your Friends by connecting Facebook to view the most active pets among your friends.


Can I opt out of the Activity Monitoring Leaderboard?

Yes, you can remove your pet's details from a Leaderboard at anytime. Simply go to the Leaderboard screen in the app, scroll down, and select "I don't want to join the Leaderboard". 

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