Understanding Your Pet's Activity Data: Active Minutes, Calories, Rest

Note: This feature is only available on mobile devices (app version 4.0.0 or later) and with select Activity Monitoring-compatible GPS trackers.

Have you ever wondered how active your dog or cat is per day, how many calories they burn, or if they might be sleeping all day? You can now have this information at your fingertips, thanks to the Activity Monitoring feature in the Tractive GPS app. In the Activity tab, you see the following metrics: ActiveCaloriesCalm & Sleep.


The figures for the current day are displayed on the left side of the screen, followed by the daily average on the right.



Active Minutes are the time the pet spends doing activities such as walking, running or playing. Short or light movements, such as when your pet stretches or turns around while sleeping, are not counted as active minutes because such movements do not constitute exercise for your pet.



The Calories metric offers you an estimate of how many calories your pet has burned in any given time period. This also takes into account whether your pet is neutered or not, as per the information you enter in the Pet Profile section of the app.


Calm & Sleep

Rest time is divided up into Calm and Sleep. Calm shows you the number of minutes your pet spends resting (not sleeping) to make sure that they get enough time to relax and unwind. If your pet rests for more than 20 minutes, this will be counted as Sleep, helping you monitor your pet's sleeping behavior.


How does the GPS tracker calculate my pet's activity?

Similar to human activity trackers, the Tractive GPS tracker features a built-in accelerometer, which makes it possible to record a pet’s movement. Algorithms are then used to analyze this data and identify whether a pet was active or resting. So that the figures shown to you here can be as accurate as possible, please ensure that the Pet Profile data is correct.


Where is the activity data about my pet stored?

All activity data for your pet is linked to the Pet Profile, not the tracker or subscription plan. So in case you need to replace your device, your pet's activity data and scores will remain intact and will be transferred as soon as you assign the new tracker to the existing pet.


How often is the activity data updated in the app?

Whenever the tracker is near your phone and you open the app, the activity data from the tracker should be synced automatically to the app on your phone. The sync is done via Bluetooth, so please make sure that Bluetooth is active on your mobile device. In case you do not see any data, follow the troubleshooting steps here. 


Where can I view historical or statistical activity data?

Use the Calendar or Stats screen in the app to view historical and statistical activity data. For example, on the Stats page, you can view your pet's activity Records, such as the Activity Minutes on your pet's Most Active Day ever. You can also view all-time statistics, such as Average Daily Activity, Calories and Rest.

In the Calendar view, you can go back and select certain days to see how active your pet was in a given time frame.

The Calendar can be accessed by tapping the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner of the Activity view.

Activity Stats can be accessed by tapping Profile > Stats


Does the tracker always have to be on my pet?

Yes, in order to derive meaningful and accurate data about the activity of your pet, the tracker needs to be on your dog or cat. 


Where do I put the tracker to monitor the activity of my pet?

You can put the tracker on the collar or the harness of your pet. However, in order to get the most accurate activity results, we recommend putting the tracker on the collar of your pet.


What happens if the tracker is turned off or charging?

The tracker will not record any activity while charging or turned off.


Will my data be disclosed to anyone?

Protecting our customers and their pets is the number one priority for Tractive. Data will not be shared with third parties without your consent. 

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