Which Tractive GPS trackers feature Activity Monitoring?

On the latest Tractive GPS trackers, you can enjoy all of the benefits of Activity Monitoring as well as GPS tracking to make sure your furry friend is getting enough exercise and rest.

Activity Monitoring is available on the trackers listed below:


Tractive GPS DOG LTE / Tractive GPS DOG 4



Click here to purchase the new Tractive GPS DOG LTE / Tractive GPS DOG 4 with Activity Monitoring


Tractive GPS Cat Tracker - IKATI


Click here to purchase the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker - IKATI (Note: available in Europe only)


Tractive GPS DOG 


(Note: no longer in stock)


Tractive GPS CAT with integrated collar


(Note: no longer in stock)

Older editions of the Tractive GPS, such as the Tractive GPS Classic, Hunters Edition, XL Edition and 3G may still be available for purchase through retailers, but are not compatible with Activity Monitoring.

Visit Tractive.com to see which GPS trackers are available in your country.

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