Why don’t I see any new Activity Monitoring data?

Activity Monitoring data is synced from your tracker to your cell phone/tablet via a Bluetooth connection. This means that if the tracker hasn’t been close to your mobile device recently, the latest Activity Monitoring data will not be shown in the app.

Please make sure that you do not pair your tracker with your phone in your phone's Bluetooth settings as this can interfere with the sync process. If you have already paired the tracker with your phone, be sure to unpair it now.


How can I sync Activity Monitoring data?

First, make sure that Bluetooth is active on your cell phone whenever possible as the tracker will then automatically try to sync the data throughout the day. Having Bluetooth active on your phone also helps your tracker report accurate positions in case of GPS interference or network coverage issues.

If you don’t sync the data for a few days, the tracker will try to sync the data for you once it reaches a certain capacity using cell networks, rather than Bluetooth.

You can sync the latest data to your account at any time by following these steps (shown in the video below):

  • Make sure Bluetooth is active on your mobile device and the device has an active internet connection (WiFi or data plan).
  • Make sure that your Tractive GPS tracker is turned on and next to your mobile device.
  • Open the Tractive GPS app and tap on Activity at the bottom of the screen. Finally, press the refresh button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to trigger the sync.

The sync should take no longer than a few minutes and you will then be able to see your pet's recent activity information in the Activity Monitoring section of the app.

What should I do if the data is not syncing?

Your tracker can only connect to one mobile device via Bluetooth at a time. Therefore, if you regularly use multiple phones/tablets to access your account, please activate Flight Mode and deactivate Bluetooth on all nearby devices. Please then deactivate Flight Mode and activate Bluetooth on the mobile device you are using only and try to sync the latest data.

If you are still unable to sync the Activity Monitoring data, please try these steps again on a different smartphone or tablet to rule out the possibility of an issue with the first mobile device. Please also restart your mobile device, delete and reinstall the Tractive GPS app and then try again.

  • Due to technical incompatibilities with a very small number of mobile devices, such as certain Huawei Lite phones, the sync may not work reliably on these phones. If possible, please try using a different smartphone to complete the sync.

If you continue to have issues syncing Activity Monitoring data, please email us at support@tractive.com and include a screenshot of the error message you receive, if possible.

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