How to enhance tracker location accuracy

In order to make sure that your Tractive GPS tracker and app will always provide you with the most accurate pet position available, we recommend that you do the following when using your tracker:

📍 Turn on GPS location services on your smartphone (instructions for Android / instructions for iOS)

📶 Turn on Bluetooth for better location updates in areas with poor GPS, like indoors.

🔋 Set up a Power Saving Zone at home to lessen GPS interference and extend battery life.

🔎 Use Radar Mode via Bluetooth to track your pet more precisely indoors.

When you access the Account section in the app and see the Enhance Accuracy button, it indicates that your smartphone's GPS location services or Bluetooth feature might be disabled. You can easily enable these settings directly through the provided option. If both Location Services and Bluetooth are already active, the Enhance Accuracy option will no longer be visible.

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