Petpointer Exchange Program

In light of recent events, Tractive has announced a very special offer for all owners of Petpointer tracking devices: a FREE Tractive GPS Tracker, plus two months FREE, upon purchase of a yearly or biennial Tractive GPS subscription plan.

Click the button below to claim your free tracker now:



What will happen to my Petpointer device?

Due to bankruptcy, all Petpointer tracking devices will stop working effective immediately. There is no longer customer service support available from Petpointer regarding these devices. However, the Tractive Customer Service team is available to assist you with all questions related to your new Tractive GPS Tracker.


Who is Tractive?

As the world market leader in GPS tracking devices for cats and dogs, with several hundred thousand happy customers worldwide, Tractive’s mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together. Learn more about Tractive GPS products or meet the Tractive team.


How do I claim my free Tractive GPS Tracker?

Simply visit, enter the serial number on the back of your Petpointer device, and follow the steps to purchase a Tractive GPS subscription plan. Once this is complete, your FREE Tractive GPS Tracker will be sent your way.

Please note that this special offer can only be claimed at the link above, and cannot be retroactively applied to purchases of devices made on


Which GPS trackers are included in this offer?

Tractive offers all Petpointer customers the opportunity to choose from three different GPS pet tracking devices, which can be viewed at

The trackers are suitable for dogs and cats alike and can be attached to any standard collar or harness. The Tractive GPS CAT Tracker is not included in this offer at this time.


When will I receive my tracker?

After successfully ordering your FREE device and subscription plan, the tracker will be shipped as soon as possible and you can expect to receive it within the next few business days. It will already be activated under your subscription plan - so no need to activate it again upon arrival.


When will I receive the two additional free months?

You will receive 2 months free added to your subscription plan within the next few days/weeks - this will be done automatically.


Where can I find more information about the Tractive GPS Tracker?

Please visit the Tractive Help Center at for all information related to your new Tractive GPS Tracker, subscription plan, and more. We look forward to welcoming you into the Tractive family!

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