Attachment Instructions: Tractive GPS CAT

You have a new Tractive GPS CAT tracker; congratulations! It's time to make sure it is safely and securely fitted to your cat. Follow the guidelines below to ensure your feline-friend will be happily on his or her way with this essential GPS tracker & collar in one.

Important Note: before use, ensure that your cat meets the minimum weight requirement to use the Tractive GPS CAT tracker. For safety, the device should only be worn by cats 4 kg (8.8 lbs) and above

  1. Use the Sizing Chart included in your purchase (or download and print it at the preceding link) to measure your cat's neck in order to find the collar latch which best fits your cat.
  2. Use the table below to close the tracker at the designated hole/latch using the strap and pin. Count the holes starting closest to the tracker. 
    Measurement Hole
    19 - 20 cm 3 - 5
    20 - 22 cm 5 - 7
    22 - 24 cm 7 - 9
    24 - 26 cm 9 - 11
    26 - 28 cm 11 - 12
    28 - 30 cm 12 - 14
  3. Then use the breakaway mechanism to attach the device to your cat.
  4. Remember that 1-2 fingers should be able to fit between your cat's neck and the tracker so that both the cat and tracker can move comfortably.

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