December 2018 - Map Settings Update

We have recently implemented some changes in the app which we hope will make for an even better and more intuitive user experience for you.

What has changed?

  • Heatmap: you can now enable the Heatmap directly in the Location History view.
  • Compass: the compass has been renamed 'Direction to Tracker'; the feature still remains the same and will point you in the direction of your pet, once enabled.
  • Virtual Fence: you can now edit and manage your Virtual Fences from within the Profile tab.
  • User Location: whenever GPS/location services is enabled on your smartphone or device, your position will automatically be shown to you in the app map view in relation to your pet. There is no need to enable this feature manually anymore.

If you have any additional feedback, please feel free to submit a feature request via here and we will happily forward your input along to our product developers for future consideration.

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