What is the minimum size of the Virtual Fence?

The minimum size of the Virtual Fence is as follows:

  • Circular: 50m radius
  • Rectangular: 100x100m
  • Custom shape: No minimum size, but you will be informed if the Virtual Fence is too small to provide you with accurate notifications so you have the option of making it larger.


Why shouldn’t I create very small Virtual Fences?

We completely understand that you need to be informed when your pet leaves or enters a Safe Zone or No-Go Zone and do everything we can to provide you with accurate, real-time notifications.

GPS positions are calculated using several different coordinates estimated by the distance of the tracker to multiple GPS satellites. With a very small Virtual Fence, some of these coordinates might fall inside and outside of the safe area, rendering the geofence ineffective.

Furthermore, all GPS devices can experience difficulties obtaining very accurate positions when they do not have a clear line of sight to the sky (such as when they are indoors). Therefore, when your pet is at home, the tracker may not be able to detect positions that are as accurate as when they are outdoors, meaning that some positions detected by the tracker may fall outside of the safe area. This can cause false virtual fence notifications if you have a very small Virtual Fence.

We are doing everything we can to ensure you receive accurate Virtual Fence notifications. If you would like to have a Safe Zone around your home, we also recommend that you set up a Power Saving Zone to help avoid false notifications when your pet is at home. When in a Power Saving Zone, your tracker will not report GPS positions in order to save a significant amount of battery life. This means that the tracker will not send any Virtual Fence notifications when your pet is in the Power Saving Zone. Once the tracker detects it has left the Power Saving Zone, it will begin to report GPS positions and send Virtual Fence notifications again as normal.

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