How can I view my position in the app in relation to my pet?

In the Tractive GPS app, your current location will be automatically displayed to you alongside your pet's position whenever your smartphone has GPS or location services enabled

Follow the steps below on your Android or iOS device to activate GPS on your smartphone.

  1. Follow the instructions at the corresponding link in order to activate location services / GPS on your smartphone: Android / iOS
  2. Return to the Tractive GPS app and tap the Map screen to view your location. Your location will now be visualized by a blue dot on the map as such:



What if I still don't see my position in the app?

In case you're still not able to view your location in the map, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check that GPS / location services are enabled.
  • Open your phone's Settings menu, then under the location settings, ensure that the Tractive GPS app has permission to use GPS / location services.
  • Open your phone's Settings menu, then under the location settings, ensure that power-saving mode is not selected. This may prevent the GPS function from working in some cases.
  • Update the Tractive GPS app if necessary.
  • Go outside with the Map view open and wait until your smartphone or tablet can get a GPS connection.
  • Contact Tractive for further support.

Important note: This feature is only available on devices with a GPS location function (smartphones, tablets, etc.) This feature is not yet available for the Tractive GPS web app.

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