How can I view my position in the app in relation to my pet?

In the Tractive GPS app, your current location will be automatically displayed to you alongside your pet's position whenever your smartphone has GPS or location services enabled. You can find out how to do this here: Android / iOS

Your location is shown by a blue dot. On an Android device, you will also see an arrow showing you the direction your phone is currently facing as well as a light blue circle showing how accurate the position detected by your phone is (the smaller the circle, the more accurate the position). iOS devices do not display an arrow showing the direction your phone is currently facing; however, the circle showing your position will, like on Android devices, be smaller the more accurate that position is.

Android example iOS example
360001336825_Android.png 360001336825_iOS.png


You can also tap on the icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the map, just underneath the settings icon, to zoom to different locations: 


Each time you tap the icon, a different view will be shown:

No_Zoom.png No specific location - e.g. if you move the map around with your finger.
Zoom_to_Pet.png Zoom to pet: This centres in on your tracker's (and therefore your pet's) location.
Zoom_to_User.png Zoom to user: This centres in on your mobile device's location.
Zoom_Bounding_Box.png User & pet: This zooms the map out far enough to show you both your tracker's and mobile device's location.


If you are unable to see your current location, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Double-check that GPS / location services are enabled.
  • Open your phone's Settings menu, then under the location settings, ensure that the Tractive GPS app has permission to use GPS / location services.
  • Open your phone's Settings menu, then under the location settings, ensure that power-saving mode is not selected. This may prevent the GPS function from working in some cases.
  • Update the Tractive GPS app if necessary.
  • Go outside with the Map view open and wait until your smartphone or tablet can get a GPS connection.
  • Contact Tractive for further support.

Important note: This feature is only available on devices with a GPS location function (smartphones, tablets, etc.) This feature is not yet available for the Tractive GPS web app.

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