Can I track my pet from more than one smartphone?

Yes! It's possible to sign in to your Tractive GPS account on more than one device at a time to instantly track your pet whenever and wherever you'd like.

Simply download the Tractive GPS mobile app on your smartphone(s) and/or tablet(s). Start tracking your pets on each device simultaneously - from home, work, or on the go.

Note: Tractive recommends only sharing your Tractive GPS username and password with trusted friends or family members. From within your account, they'll have all the same permissions you do - including access to the tracker's LIVE position, payment, and subscription plan information.

With our PREMIUM Tracker Sharing Features, you can share tracker access with people you trust, or make your pet’s location public at any time without having to share your login data with anyone. We offer these two options:

  1. Family Sharing is ideal if there’s someone you trust who regularly keeps an eye on your cat or dog for you - or is just curious about their activities! For example, friends, family and pet-sitters. Once you share tracker access with someone in the Family tab, they can view location, activity, history, and use features like LIVE, Light and Sound. There’s no extra cost. All they need to do is create a free Tractive GPS account.
  2. Public Sharing lets you share your tracker’s current location with anyone using a generated link. It can be a lifesaver in case your dog runs off and someone else is in a better position to help bring them back.


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