Why should I choose the Tractive GPS tracker over other GPS trackers?

Tractive is the global market leader in the field of GPS tracking for cats and dogs. What separates Tractive from the rest and makes the Tractive GPS tracker stand out as the best choice for your pets in the market for smart pet tracking? Read on to learn more.


The Tractive GPS tracker offers real-time tracking.

With the Tractive GPS tracker, you'll have the option to receive updates in real time (every 2-3 seconds) with the LIVE Tracking feature. When LIVE Tracking isn't needed, easily switch to the default tracking mode to receive updates less often and conserve battery power.


The Tractive GPS tracker works over any range (no distance limitation).

The Tractive GPS tracker offers the significant advantage of a worldwide GPS tracking service that functions over any range, thanks to an integrated SIM card that is installed in each tracker.

This SIM card connects automatically to the local cellular network in your area in order to transmit GPS data from the device to your computer or smartphone - just like sending an SMS.

So unlike some trackers that use Bluetooth or other radio signals for the communication and transmission of GPS data (which are therefore subject to a limited range of function), the Tractive GPS can be operated over any distance.

So even if you're on holiday in India, and want to track your dog back home in Australia - it's no problem with the Tractive GPS!


The Tractive GPS tracker works in over 175 countries worldwide.

Unlike many other GPS trackers, which only work in one country, Tractive offers the possibility of international GPS pet tracking in over 175 countries worldwide with our PREMIUM Subscription Plan.

So no matter how far from home you may roam, the Tractive GPS tracker will easily accompany you on your travels with no fuss required.


The Tractive GPS tracker requires no separate module for pet parents.

Some pet trackers include two modules; one for you and one for your furry friend. This kind of system only works when you are in close proximity to your pet - in some cases, the communication between such devices stops if the distance between them exceeds 3 miles (4.8 km).

But with the Tractive GPS, you don't have to worry if your dog escapes and travels far away. You'll still be able to see their exact location in the app.


The Tractive GPS tracker is a GPS tracker and activity monitor in one.

The latest editions of the Tractive GPS feature Activity Monitoring - a simple and fun way to see how much activity and rest your dog or cat gets each day! You can also monitor how many calories they've burned, how active they are compared to other pets in the Leaderboards, and track their activity stats on a weekly or monthly basis. Activity Monitoring is included in all Tractive GPS subscription plans on eligible devices. Read more about Activity Monitoring >


The Tractive GPS features the most precise localization technology.

While GPS is arguably the most reliable and trusted localization technology in products and services worldwide, it can sometimes be subject to GPS interference: for example when you're inside a building, which can sometimes decrease the accuracy of the reported position. That's why the Tractive GPS uses not only GPS, but also other kinds of technology to make sure you always receive the most accurate information possible about your pet's whereabouts. Read more >


The Tractive GPS tracker is made especially for pets.

Nowadays, GPS trackers are used for tracking everything from your keys and car, to children and elderly loved ones. What separates the Tractive GPS from the rest is that it is made especially with pets in mind.

This means it offers all kinds of pet-friendly features, including Pet Profiles, Activity Monitoring*, and Virtual Fences to best monitor and keep track of your furry family member!

*Note: Activity Monitoring is only available on select devices.

For questions about the Tractive GPS, browse the Help Center or contact Tractive Customer Service for more information.

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