How can Tractive GPS help me and my pet?

Tractive is the global market leader in the field of GPS tracking for cats and dogs. What separates Tractive from the rest and makes the Tractive GPS tracker stand out as the best choice for your pets in the market for smart pet tracking? Read on to learn more.


Keep tabs on your pet’s location in real-time.

Tractive offers LIVE Tracking  (with location updates every 2-3 seconds) - perfect for times when you need to know your pet's exact location at that very moment. When LIVE Tracking isn't needed, easily switch to the default tracking mode to receive updates less often and conserve battery power.


Enjoy tracking your pet in over 175 countries at an unlimited range.

Unlike many other GPS trackers, which only work in one country, Tractive offers the possibility of international GPS pet tracking in over 175 countries with our PREMIUM Subscription Plan. This wide coverage is possible through Tractive's use of 2G and LTE (CatM1) cellular networks, supported by partnerships with over 500 cellular providers worldwide.

Thanks to the integrated SIM card, as long as you're in a place where our 500+ partners operate, the device will automatically connect to the local cell network. Communication to our servers works similar to sending an SMS, and you can even track your pet back at home while you’re traveling.


Make use of the best Wellness Monitoring features.

Keep an eye on your pet’s activity level and sleep patterns with Tractive GPS. In the Tractive GPS app, you’ll see easy-to-read statistics on your pet’s wellbeing. You can easily monitor how many calories they've burned, how active they are compared to other pets in the Leaderboards, and ensure they get enough rest throughout the day, as well as a good night’s sleep. This helps to spot trends and makes it easier to tell when something is off. Read more about Wellness Monitoring >


Get notified if your pet leaves a defined Safe Zone.

In case your pet is an adventurer and likes to wander off, their escapes will no longer go unnoticed: When you set up a Safe Zone or No-Go Zone, you will be notified as soon as your pet leaves or enters one of these areas. Read more on Virtual Fences here >


Tracking from multiple devices? No problem with Tractive GPS!

With a PREMIUM subscription plan, you can easily share your pet’s real-time location with family members or petsitters, but even with the BASIC plan you can log into the account from multiple devices so your loved ones can also keep track of your pet’s adventures. Here’s more on the topic >


The Tractive GPS tracker is made especially for pets.

Nowadays, GPS trackers are used for tracking everything from your keys and car, to children and elderly loved ones. What separates the Tractive GPS from the rest is that it is made especially with pets in mind, which is a big advantage in comparison to more general GPS tracking devices or even Airtags. You can find a direct comparison with the Apple Airtag here >


For questions about the Tractive GPS, browse the Help Center or contact Tractive Customer Service for more information.

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