What features does the Tractive GPS app offer?

If you are often worried about your canine or feline friend running away, the Tractive GPS tracker is your ideal pet accessory. It will help you locate your pet's whereabouts and track your furry friend in real time.

The main features of the app are:

  • Track your dog, cat or other animals in real time
  • Follow the path your pet takes
  • See the history of where your pet was
  • Set a Virtual Fence (safe zone) and get notified as soon as your dog or cat leaves this area
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing where your four-legged friends are at any time!

Using the Tractive GPS app, you can track the location of your pet at any point in time. The Tractive GPS tracker works in over 175 countries and is available in your nearby electronics store, pet store or at www.tractive.com


See how it works - try the Tractive GPS demo mode


Interactive Map

The fully interactive map displays all your pets that use the Tractive GPS tracker. You can add an unlimited amount of pets with GPS trackers in the Tractive GPS app. Use two fingers to tilt the map in 3D View! You can also switch between the street, satellite, or Open Street Map view.


LIVE Tracking

If you are searching for your pet, you do not want to get position updates just every few minutes. Tractive sends an updated position every few seconds with the LIVE Tracking feature.


Virtual Fence 

The Virtual Fence feature allows you to define a safe area, where your dog or cat is allowed to roam. As soon as the pet leaves that area, you will receive a push notification or email so you can immediately react and make sure they are safe. Easily move the Virtual Fence anywhere in the world and define its size as you see fit.


Location History

See the path your pet has taken! Define the period you'd like to check the Location History for and see exactly what your furry friend has been getting up to.


Tracker Sharing

You can share your Tractive GPS tracker with your friends and family. This is very useful when your dog runs away or a family member goes on a walk with your four-legged friend.


Augmented Reality, Light & Sound

When using LIVE tracking, you can activate these features in order to help you find out where your pet currently is.



Get notified as soon as one of your pets leaves a predefined area, e.g. your backyard, public park or camping ground. Notifications can be received directly on your smartphone and/or through email.


Updated Battery Status

Always know the battery status of your Tractive GPS tracker. The app shows you how much battery is remaining and reminds you if the battery runs low.


Wellness Monitoring*

Would you like to keep track of your dog or cat's activity level? Now you can monitor your pet's fitness from within the Tractive GPS app. Track your pet's active minutes, rest minutes, and calories burned to support your furry friend to their maximum well-being! Read more about Wellness Monitoring.

*Available on select devices only.

Curious? Try Tractive GPS now in demo mode.

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