How does the Tractive GPS app work?

With the Tractive GPS demo mode, you can test the Tractive GPS app before purchasing a Tractive GPS tracker. Read below how to access the demo mode and see for yourself how you can keep track of your furry friends with the Tractive GPS.

Note for existing users: The Tractive GPS demo mode can only be accessed by user accounts without a Tractive GPS tracker.

Here's how it works:

Follow the steps below to use the Tractive GPS app in demo mode:

  1. Download the Tractive GPS mobile app (for Android or iOS) or visit the web app at
  2. If using the web app, click Try Demo Mode and follow the prompts. If using the mobile app, select Not Yet when asked if you already have your Tractive GPS Tracker, answer some quick questions and then select Try Demo Mode
  3. After creating or selecting a pet, please wait a few moments while we prepare the demo mode for you.
  4. Once you've selected Start, the demo mode will run for 15 minutes and the tracker displayed will follow a predetermined path.

A Virtual Fence will be enabled automatically, so you'll receive a notification demonstrating that the pet has left the predetermined safe area. Test the LIVE Tracking mode by clicking on the LIVE button in the upper right-hand corner.

Note: the position of the tracker in demo mode does not represent your actual location and is only for demonstration purposes.

The demo mode will automatically end after 15 minutes. 

We hope you enjoyed the Tractive GPS demo mode! Still have questions? Read more about the Tractive GPS >

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