How does the breakaway safety feature on the Tractive CAT tracker work?

The Tractive CAT tracker is a tracking device and pet collar in one. That's why Tractive has integrated an emergency breakaway system into the CAT collar, to ensure that your cat will always make it home safe and sound - no matter where their outdoor adventures may lead them.

Once enough force is applied the cat will be able to break free and you can easily retrieve the collar using the Tractive app. 

Every Tractive CAT tracker includes the standard breakaway strap. Tractive also offers a Soft Release Breakaway Strap, sold separately, which can be opened more easily for smaller / lighter cats.


Tractive CAT Breakaway Mechanism - How it works:


Step 1: Hold the tracker with the Tractive logo right-side up and locate the breakaway strap on the right side.


Step 2: Apply force to 'snap' the strap away from the main tracking unit. The battery and tracker will remain connected so that the tracker can continue reporting.


Step 3: The opening where the strap separates from the tracker is the breakaway mechanism.


Step 4: Snap the strap back to the tracker and ensure that it is firmly attached before letting your cat walk away.

Please note: The breakaway collar is designed to help free your cat in the event it becomes caught on another object. Tractive cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage that may result from the malfunction of the breakaway collar.

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