Will the Tractive GPS tracker work in my country?

To determine if a specific Tractive GPS tracker will work in your country, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Tractive.com and select the desired tracker.
  2. Scroll down the product detail page until you see the option to select a country. Use the drop down menu by selecting your desired country/countries of use to determine if the Tractive GPS will work in your area: 


Additional Notes on Coverage/Country Compatibility

  • All Tractive GPS trackers contain a built-in, non-exchangeable SIM card - so no additional SIM card is necessary.
  • The SIM card is compatible with multiple network providers in each of the over 150 countries where Tractive operates.
  • The tracker will automatically connect to the network with the strongest mobile network signal to send information about your pet's whereabouts to the Tractive GPS app in real-time.
  • All fees incurred by the integrated SIM card are covered by the flat rate Tractive GPS subscription plan.
  • Tractive GPS trackers generally work anywhere there is cell coverage.
  • In countries where the 2G network has already been deprecated (US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland), an LTE version of the Tractive GPS is required
  • To use the Tractive GPS tracker in multiple countries, a PREMIUM subscription plan is required.

For further questions, contact Tractive Customer Service for more information.

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