Will the Tractive GPS tracker work in my country?

The Tractive GPS can be used in over 150 countries worldwide, thanks to an integrated SIM card which allows for communication between the GPS tracker and Tractive GPS app.

Each and every SIM card fitted into a Tractive GPS device is compatible with multiple cellular networks within each country, so the Tractive GPS typically works anywhere where there is mobile network coverage.

However, it's important to note that not every Tractive GPS tracker works in every country around the world, as different countries have different mobile communication standards, and certain trackers have been developed for specific regions.

Use the country-checker* by clicking on a device below in order to see if the selected Tractive GPS tracker will work in the desired country of use:

*If you're not taken to the country-checker by following the links below, contact Tractive Customer Service for assistance.


Tractive GPS DOG LTE


Tractive GPS IKATI


Tractive GPS DOG


Tractive GPS CAT


Tractive GPS Classic


Tractive GPS 3G


Tractive GPS XL


For further questions, contact Tractive Customer Service for more information.

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