April 2018 - app version 3.0.0

The new Tractive GPS app (version 3.0.0, available for iOS and Android) offers faster LIVE Tracking, a modern design, compact display and now all the most important features in one simple view. Already using Tractive GPS? Simply update your app to the latest version to enjoy the benefits of the redesigned app.

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Continue reading to learn how to access all of your favorite functions in the new app.


Map (Main Screen)

No longer is the menu separated from the map view. Now, all features and functions can be accessed directly through the buttons on the main screen of the app. This also features the most important view: the map of your pet's most-recent location.

From this view, tap the buttons on the top of the screen to easily start LIVE Tracking, set up or edit a Virtual Fence, or view your pet's Location History


At the bottom of the screen, you will find the following further options in addition to the Map view button: 



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In the Profile tab, you'll find all details related to the selected tracker and related pet and subscription plan details. Here you can:



All information related to your account can be found in the More tab. Here you can:

  • Modify your personal details, including email, password, and photo.
  • Connect Pets and Trackers: Activate a new tracker and add new pet profiles.
  • Refer friends to receive free months on your subscription plan
  • Settings: Change the units of measurement, test push notifications, enable the Enhance Position Accuracy feature (available on select devices), learn about other Tractive apps and connect with Tractive on our other platforms.


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