Nearby, Inaccurate, Not Connected: What do the different statuses in the Tractive GPS app mean?

Once you have activated your tracker and signed into the Tractive GPS app, you will see one of the five in-app tracker statuses below in the Map view. The colors can help you to quickly determine the current status of your Tractive GPS Tracker, so that you can track your pet(s) with success.

Here is a brief overview of the 5 device states:

  • Black text on white banner: your tracker is in default tracking mode. ✔️
  • Blue text on white banner: your tracker is nearby. ✔️
  • Pink text on white banner: your tracker is currently in LIVE Tracking mode. ✔️
  • Orange banner: your tracker's reported position may be inaccurate. ⚠️
  • Red banner: your tracker is currently not connected to the Tractive GPS app. ❌

When the app shows the black, blue or pink statuses described above, everything should be working normally and you can track your pet. When you see the orange or red banner in the app, action may be required before you can continue tracking.

Continue reading below to see an example of how each status appears in the app.


Default Tracking Mode or Tracker is Nearby 

When the tracker is turned on and is working normally, it will be in default tracking mode and this is indicated by a black text with a white banner. The text will turn blue when the tracker is nearby (detected by Bluetooth - only available on select devices):




LIVE Tracking 

The pink text and white banner shown below indicates that the tracker is currently in LIVE Tracking mode, and you'll be able to follow the position of your pet as illustrated by a pink line in real time in the Map view.




Searching for GPS / Inaccurate GPS Position 

When you see an orange banner or header in the Tractive GPS app, this indicates that your tracker is currently having difficulties calculating an accurate GPS position. This is normal when the tracker is indoors, when GPS signals are blocked by the roof of your home. Make sure your tracker is outside and start LIVE Tracking in order to get an up-to-date and accurate GPS position report.




Tracker is Not Connected 

In case you see the red status bar or banner in the Tractive GPS app, this means that your tracker is currently not connected or reporting to the Tractive GPS app and tracking is currently not possible. This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The tracker is out of battery.
  • The tracker is turned off.
  • The tracker is not activated with a valid subscription plan.
  • The tracker cannot connect to the local mobile network.




In case the tracker is not connected, please click here for further troubleshooting tips.

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