Online, Offline, Connecting: What do the different statuses in the app mean?

Once you have activated your tracker and signed into the Tractive GPS app, your tracker will provide you with position updates and alert you if, for any reason, it is unable to do so.

Here are the different tracker statuses you might see along with an explanation of what they mean for your tracking experience:


🟢 Online 

This indicates that the tracker has an active network connection and is detecting accurate GPS positions. If you press the power button on the device once, you should see two green flashing lights. Read more about what the LED light colors mean here.


🔵 Power Saving 

If you have our latest Dog or Cat tracker model and your pet is in a Power Saving Zone, you will see Power Saving in the top right-hand corner of the screen. While in a Power Saving Zone, the GPS tracker will no longer report regular GPS positions. Instead, every few minutes, the tracker will check to make sure it is still within the Power Saving Zone. Furthermore, you will see the status Paused under Network and GPS if you go to Profile --> Tracker while your pet is in a Power Saving Zone.


🟡 Connecting 

Your tracker is establishing its connections to both the network and GPS. This usually takes around one minute.


🟡 Low accuracy

This indicates that the tracker is currently encountering weak network or GPS coverage. The tracker will keep trying to reconnect every few minutes.


🔴 Offline

This indicates that the tracker is currently unable to show you real-time, accurate positions. The tracker may be switched off or the battery may be empty. It could also be because the tracker is struggling to maintain a connection to local cell networks, or unable to detect accurate GPS positions.


🔴 No GPS

This indicates that your tracker is unable to acquire a GPS signal at this time - this is very common indoors as the roof of your home blocks the signal. The tracker will keep trying to establish the connection until GPS is available.


🔴 Near You

If you have Bluetooth active on your phone, you may see Near You, indicating that you’ll only get location updates when your tracker is near your phone. Most likely you’re indoors where the tracker is unable to get a GPS signal. 


Whatever status is shown, you’ll be able to see more information by tapping the icon along with tips on how to resolve the problem.

Generally, your tracker works best in an area with good network coverage when it has a clear line of sight to the sky. If you see Offline, Low Accuracy or No GPS, we recommend going outside with your tracker in your hand and waiting for a couple of minutes so the tracker can establish the necessary connections. If you still do not see Online after a few minutes, please restart the Tractive GPS app and reset the tracker:


If you have our latest Dog or Cat tracker model, reset the tracker by holding the power button down for 10 seconds. Please then release the power button. The LED will light up for 2 seconds and you will hear a high-pitched tone indicating that your tracker has been successfully reset.


If you have any other tracker, reset it by holding the power button down for 30 seconds. Please then release the power button. A successful reset is indicated by a flashing light and beeping sound.

Afterwards, please wait for a few minutes while the tracker tries to connect to local cell networks and detect accurate GPS positions. Please also try a 10-minute test walk around your local area with your tracker in your hand and LIVE tracking active, if possible.

Should you continue to experience issues, please contact Tractive Customer Service for support and leave the tracker turned on, if possible. Please include the following information in your message to help us handle your request more efficiently:

  • When did you begin experiencing this issue?
  • After resetting the tracker and placing it outside for a few minutes, what color combination do you see if you press the power button once (e.g. green-red)?
  • The date and time of your test walk.

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