Why doesn't my Tractive GPS battery last very long?

Most Tractive GPS Trackers have an expected battery life of 2-5 days; the Tractive GPS XL Edition offers a battery life of up to 6 weeks.

If you're having difficulties charging your battery, click here to read our charging troubleshooting tips.

If you'd like to extend the battery life of your tracker, please review the following factors which can determine how long your battery lasts:


Cellular Coverage

The strength of the available cellular network signal in your area can influence the battery life. Are you in an area with little to no network signal? This could be the reason for the battery drain. Here's what you can do:

  1. Avoid using the GPS tracker in areas where there might be a weak cellular network signal. Your phone's mobile network strength can be a good indicator of this.
  2. Contact Tractive to ensure that your GPS tracker is compatible with the local cellular network in your area.


GPS Availability

The availability of GPS signals also plays a role in determining the battery life of your tracker. 

  1. Avoid using the device or tracking your pet when he or she is indoors - the roof of the building will interfere with the GPS signal.
  2. Make sure there is nothing blocking your pet's GPS tracker from the open sky and attach the tracker to the top of your pet's collar or harness (facing the sky) whenever possible.



Batteries function best and offer the longest lifetime at room temperature. For optimal performance:

  1. Avoid exposing your tracker to temperatures colder than -5°C and warmer than 40°C.
  2. When using the device in extreme temperatures, minimize the use of LIVE Tracking and ensure you have good cellular coverage.


Your Pet’s Activity Level

Is your pet always on the go? Higher activity levels mean more frequent position reports, which can lead to a shorter battery life.

  1. Consider turning off the Tractive GPS when you know your pet is stationary (for example: safe inside the house/sleeping on the couch).


Use of LIVE Tracking Mode

LIVE Tracking mode drains the battery more quickly than default tracking mode.

  1. Conserve battery life by limiting the use of LIVE Tracking to situations in which your pet is out of sight or needs to be retrieved immediately. In default tracking mode, you'll still receive position updates every 2-60 minutes (depending on your pet's activity level).

If you are still having issues with your battery life, please contact Tractive Customer Service for support.

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