The app shows that my dog/cat left the Virtual Fence, but he's right next to me.

You're safely inside the house with your dog or cat, but the Tractive GPS says otherwise? Not to fear; the GPS device is working hard to identify the location of your pet - but GPS signals may occasionally be blocked by the roof of your home or other natural or manmade structures.
Learn how to fix this problem below.

Why does the Tractive GPS app notify me that my pet has left the safe area?

If you are receiving notifications that your dog or cat has left the defined safe area, when in reality he or she has not, this does not mean that the tracker or app is defective. This can happen in cases where the GPS accuracy is not ideal due to environmental factors.
Most of the time, these false alerts are due to inaccurate positioning associated with the GPS tracker being used inside of a building or home. 
GPS signals can be reflected by windows, water, roofs, tall building, forest, weather, and even air particles. In addition, the amount of GPS satellites that are in view can affect what you see in your app. 
So while your pet may be indoors,  the roof of your home is blocking the GPS signal and thus a localization technique known as cellular triangulation estimates your dog to be down the road. As a result, you receive a false Virtual Fence outbreak notification.

How can I prevent false notifications from happening?

Our developers are aware of this issue and are doing everything possible to filter out those incorrect sets of location data. Until there is an update which will correct this issue, try the following tips to prevent these false notifications from being sent to your phone:

  1. Turn the device off while indoors or not in use.
  2. Enlarge the Virtual Fence area.
  3. Set the Virtual Fence in a different shape.
  4. Change the location of the Virtual Fence, so that the center is at the point where your pet is the most often.

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