Will my cat be able to wear the Tractive GPS tracker comfortably?

Yes! All Tractive GPS trackers can be worn comfortably by cats, dogs and other animals. We are pet lovers ourselves and our trackers are designed to help ensure the safety and well-being of your canine and feline friends.

Not only can you ensure that your cat will be located with the help of the Tractive GPS, but you can also have fun viewing where they have been while exploring the local neighborhood or countryside.

Our latest model for cats weighs 25g and measures 55 x 28 x 17 mm and can be worn comfortably by all adult cats. You can see the tracker in action on pets of all shapes and sizes using the hashtag #Tractive on Instagram! With our 30-day refund policy, you can give the tracker a try and see if your feline friend finds it comfortable to wear. If that’s not the case, simply return the tracker to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


How can I attach the tracker to my cat's collar?

The cat tracker can be attached to collars up to 2cm wide. If you are using our latest model, the Tractive Cat MINI, you can either mount the tracker onto your cat's collar using the Clip Mount or place the tracker inside the Rubber Mount and thread the collar through the loop. Both attachments come with the tracker. 

We recommend using a collar with a breakaway safety mechanism so that the collar detaches from your cat if they get caught or stuck while climbing, thereby reducing the risk of injury. One example is the Rogz collar, which features a weight-adjustable breakaway safety mechanism and is made from reflective (and snag-free) nylon, making your cat easy to spot at night. Use the red slider on the Rogz collar to adjust the force required for the collar to detach from your cat.


What other benefits does the Tractive GPS tracker offer?

In addition to the Default & LIVE tracking modes, which help you follow your furry friend’s every step, you can set an Activity goal for your pet and view how active they are throughout the day! You can easily see when they do most of their exploring and when they prefer to take things easy, and can also have fun staying active with your pet in a friendly competition with other pet parents in your community via the Leaderboards!

We’ve also built some extra features into the app to help you know where your pet is, such as Find Mode and Light & Sound.


Are there any other safety matters I should keep in mind?

Please remove the tracker and collar before using any liquid flea treatments on your cat, as these may damage your tracker and its accessories. Please also allow 24 hours after applying the treatment before you reattach the device.



What do other cat parents say about the Tractive GPS tracker?

Check out these real Amazon reviews from Tractive customers and proud cat parents:

So what are you waiting for? Invest in the Tractive tracker for cats and dogs today or continue reading all about the Tractive GPS.


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