Can I use the Tractive GPS tracker for my cat?

Yes! Essentially all Tractive GPS trackers (with the exception of the Tractive GPS XL Edition) can be used for cats as well as dogs and other animals. All Tractive GPS devices are built by pet lovers for pet lovers; to help you ensure the safety and well-being of your canine and feline friends. 

Not only can you ensure that your cat will be located with the help of the Tractive GPS, but you can also have fun viewing where your cat has been when he/she is out and about exploring the local neighborhood or countryside.


Which Tractive GPS trackers are best suited for cats?

The following Tractive GPS trackers are purrrfect for cats - check them out in use on cats below in these photos from real Tractive GPS customers.  

1) Tractive GPS Cat Tracker - IKATI


At only 28 grams and measuring 72 x 29 x 16 mm (2.8 x 1.1 x 0.6 in), the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker (IKATI) is one of our lightest trackers ever. We recommend that your cat weighs at least 4 kg (8.8 lbs) to ensure that they can wear it comfortably. The tracker comes with an attachment clip so that you can attach the tracker to a collar or harness of your choice. It also comes with a separate collar that features a safety release mechanism (the HUNTER® collar).

New: We now also offer the stylish, reflective Rogz collar shown below (note: only available in Europe)! The breakaway mechanism on this collar is weight adjustable, meaning that it can be adapted to both the tracker's and your cat's weight. Due to its adjustable length, it can also be used for both larger and smaller cats. It is a webbed nylon collar, which is softer and adjusts to your cat's neck to help ensure that they are comfortable wearing the collar.


Special features: Activity Monitoring

Availability: The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker (IKATI) is only available in Europe (excluding Switzerland) at this time. 



2) Tractive GPS DOG LTE / Tractive GPS DOG 4


The new Tractive GPS DOG LTE / Tractive GPS DOG 4 is the latest GPS tracker from Tractive. Built with the latest LTE technology, the tracker offers all of the most beloved features of the Tractive GPS, plus new features for improved accuracy and energy efficiency. The new device is suitable for both dogs and cats at 71.4 x 28 x 17.5 mm and 35 grams.

Special features: Activity Monitoring, LTE technology.

Availability: This tracker is available worldwide via and our retail partners.


Discover the Tractive GPS DOG LTE


What if the tracker is too big for my cat?

All of the Tractive GPS trackers above have been designed to be extremely lightweight, small and compact, so they can be worn comfortably by your feline or canine friend. However, if you find the tracker to be a bit too big for your kitty to wear comfortably on a collar, keep in mind that another great option for attachment is a harness.

This way kitty can easily carry the tracker on the back, rather than around the neck. In this way, you can always track your feline friend with Tractive.



What do our existing customers say about the Tractive GPS for cats?

Check out these real Amazon reviews from Tractive customers and proud cat parents:

So what are you waiting for? Invest in the Tractive tracker for cats and dogs today or continue reading all about the Tractive GPS.


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