My Tractive GPS Tracker is not charging - what can I do?

If your Tractive GPS will not charge after you've been using the device, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Make sure that the charger is firmly and correctly attached to the tracker.
  2. Ensure that the charging components on your Tractive GPS Tracker are clean. If not, gently remove the dirt or debris with tap water and a cloth or toothbrush.
  3. Try charging the device using another charging clamp, A/C adapter or using the USB port of your computer. This will rule out the possibility of a faulty charger and/or A/C adapter. 
  4. Inspect the charging points on the charging clamp or cradle for damages. Are there any missing or twisted pins?
  5. Check the charging cable for damages. There should be no loose wires.


Reset Tractive GPS

Perform a reset of the Tractive GPS:

  1. Tractive GPS, Tractive GPS XL, Tractive GPS 3G, Tractive GPS CAT: Press the button for 30 seconds: A successful reset should then be triggered and followed by a flashing white light and beeping sound.
  2. Tractive GPS 2: Press the small reset button on the back of the device. Use an object with a small tip, such as a pen. This will also turn the device off. Turn the device back on with the power button.

If you're not able to get the Tractive GPS Tracker charging using these tips, please contact Tractive Customer Service for further assistance.

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