Tracker Sharing

This feature is only available with a PREMIUM Tractive Subscription Plan.

In order to use the Tracker Sharing feature, which allows you to share your pet's GPS location with a friend in the Tractive GPS app, please proceed as follows.

Before getting started, make sure your friend has created an account at or in the Tractive GPS mobile app.

  • Open the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone and in the Map view, select the pet you'd like to share (change pets by clicking on your pet's photo).
  • Then select Profile > Sharing
  • Choose from the suggestions or add a new contact to share the Tractive GPS with.
  • Once you've selected a contact, hit the Send Invitation button to share your pet's location with a friend. If necessary, you may limit the sharing period to 24 hours.

Note: Your friend will need to accept the share invite in their email.

To unshare your tracker with a friend:

  • Open up the sharing settings again, select the desired friend and tap the 3 dots on the right-hand side.
  • Select Remove
  • Visit and log in.
  • In the menu, click the iimg.png  icon next to the tracker you'd like to share.
  • In the new box that appears, select Shares. Here you can send friends a share invite to view your pets tracker.

Note: Only enter an email address associated with the Tractive GPS account of your friend.

  • After pressing Send the invite will be sent out and your friend must accept the share invite to get access to the location. The invite is sent out via email and as a push notification.

Every invite you send out will be listed in the sharing menu of the webapp:

  • Expired or manually restricted invites will be shown as inactive.
  • Pending requests have the option to resend the invitation link.
  • Active shares are shown either with the remaining time or as active. 

To remove a share:

  • Click the  next to the entry in the list of active shares. 

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