[Webapp] How to share your tracker with a friend

This feature is only available with a Tractive Premium service.

In order to share your tracker with a friend of yours and to give them access to the location please proceed as followed:

Visit our Webapp at http://my.tractive.com and login.

You can find all your activated GPS trackers in the sidebar on the left-hand side.

In order to share your tracker you need to click onto the share icon next to the battery pictogram.

A new window will appear on-screen where you can specify the email address of the friend you want your tracker to be shared with.

There's a checkbox which you can use to share the tracker for 24 hours only. The tracker will automatically be removed from your friends map once the 24 hours are over. If you don't tick that option you'll need to restrict the access yourself if you need to.

After pressing "Send" the invite will be sent out and your friend needs to accept it to get access to the tracker's location.

The invite is sent out via email and as a Push notification. That means that your friend will receive an email with a link to accept the invite. If the invitees have already opened up their app on their smartphone they'll receive the invite directly on their phone, which gives them instant access.

Every invite you send out will be listed in the sharing menu of your Webapp.

  • Expired or manually restricted invites will be shown with an "inactive" tag.
  • Pending requests have the option to resend the invitation link.
  • Active shares are shown either with the remaining time or as active. 

As mentioned before you'll need to restrict the access to your tracker manually, should you, for whatever reason decide to undo the sharing.

In order to do that you just need to click the  next to the entry in the list. 


To improve our products we want you to review the new Sharing Feature. You're welcome to fill out the short form I attached to the blog post after you tried it out.