Why did my payment fail?

When purchasing a Tractive product or activating a GPS tracker, it might happen that your credit card is declined by our payment gateway. This could happen due to the following reasons:

The submitted credit card data is invalid 

Please check if you typed in the correct credit card number, expiry date (is the card still valid?) and correct CVC code (mostly three-digit and visible on the backside of the card). Sometimes our payment system asks for a 3D secure code to increase the security of the payment process. Please also check if you submitted the correct code and if 3D secure is activated for your credit card.

The credit card was declined, because the payment was not allowed

If you submitted the correct credit card data, but the payment still gets declined, this could be due to the following reasons: 

  • Your credit card was identified as fraudulent, because your IP address doesn't match up with the country where your credit card is registered. This can occur when you buy Tractive products or activate a tracker from abroad.
  • The credit card doesn't have sufficient funds (exceeded credit card limit or not enough credit, especially if you're using prepaid credit cards).
  • The payment process was blocked by your bank. Please contact your bank to approve transactions with Tractive.
    (Customers in the U.S. may experience this problem, because banks often block transactions with European suppliers.)

Other reasons

  • Due to security reasons, prepaid-cards are not allowed in the Tractive Shop.

Unknown reasons?

If you still have difficulties during the payment process please use the button below to contact the Tractive customer service team and we will do our best to find a solution for you.