What is the Tractive webapp?

In the Tractive webapp, you will find all the information you need for tracking your pet with your Tractive GPS device. No smartphone required! The Tractive webapp can be accessed by any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection by simply opening an internet browser and logging in at my.tractive.com.

There you will find everything important brought together in one place, including:

  • Full screen map for tracking your pet
  • View of your account and service plans
  • Activation of new devices
  • ... and many more features


Read on to learn about all the features of the Tractive webapp!


Menu Options

On the left-hand menu in the app, you will find the sidebar settings panel. The sidebar menu offers the following functions:



  • Change your profile picture (by clicking on the photo)
  • Activate a new tracker
  • View trackers on the map by clicking on the pet name or tracker ID
  • See tracker battery status
  • Access tracker settings by clicking on the iimg.png
  • Manage account settings (personal details, service plans, invoices, ...)
  • Edit notification settings
  • Contact Tractive Customer Service
  • Change language settings
  • Log out of the Tractive Webapp

Below is a detailed explanation of each of the above features.

Activate a Tracker

You should choose this option if you have purchased a new tracker or want to reactivate an expired service. You will be guided through the activation and payment process. Click here to transfer an existing service plan to a new tracker.

View Trackers

The next part of the list shows all activated devices. By clicking on one of the entries (ID or pet name), the map will display the location of the device. 

Battery Status

The current battery status is displayed next to the name.

Tracker Settings

With the help of the tracker settings, the following details can be assigned to the tracker itself:

  • Pet Profiles: In this section, you can edit the name, type of pet, breed, birthday, gender, neutered status, weight, height, and microchip ID of your pet.
  • Shares: The sharing feature is available to all premium customers and allows the tracker to be shared with other Tractive GPS user accounts.
  • Tracker: Under Tracker you will find detailed information about the tracker and battery status as well as the device ID. Here, the tracker can be removed from the currently assigned pet and assigned to a new one. 


Account Settings

Here you can edit your name, email address and password. There is also the possibility to switch from the Metric system to Imperial (for those that prefer to miles over kilometers). Additionally there is the possibility to view all active services and service periods. If you need an invoice for your paid services, these can also be accessed and printed here. Lastly, there is an option to sign out of all devices.


All notifications can be activated or deactivated globally for all our applications.

Language Settings

It is also possible to specify the language of the alarms and emails if they should be preferred in another language.


The Map View

By clicking on the name of your pet or the tracker ID,  the map view will be displayed like so: 


In the map view, you will find the following features: 

Tracker Status

On the top left corner of the screen, the following information can be found:

  • Pet name or tracker ID
  • When was the tracker last located
  • GPS status (inaccurate, unreachable, ...) Clicking on the accuracy status will display additional information to solve the problem!
  • Speed (PREMIUM Feature) - In Default Tracking mode, this always reads as: 0 km / h. The speed of your animal will only be displayed and updated in LIVE Tracking mode.
  • Altitude (PREMIUM Feature) - In addition, the current sea level of the device is displayed. This is calculated on the basis of the last GPS position and is more accurate when more GPS satellites are available.
  • Temperature - The temperature status of your GPS device is still displayed if it has a temperature sensor (currently only the GPS 2 model offers this feature).


Tracker Functions & Commands

Here we explain all commands that can be sent to the tracker:

  • LIVE Tracking mode: This button activates the live mode. The corresponding command is transmitted via our data centers to the terminal which then starts the live mode.
  • LED Light: With this button the white LED (the white light) on the tracker can be activated. Note that the function has a built-in timer and is automatically deactivated after a certain time.
  • Buzzer Function: This button activates the built-in speaker, which then emits a sound. This can be used in the case that the device is lost. The function also deactivates automatically after a certain amount of time. It can also be easily disabled by pressing a button on the device. (Please note that due to legal restrictions, the buzzer feature is not available in all countries).
  • Location History: With this feature, position history of your pet is displayed. At the bottom of the screen a timeline will appear in which start and end dates can be set. In addition, the time period can be precisely defined via the slider. The position history will be displayed via a linear path of the map. If you want to export the corresponding data for further use, you have the possibility to download them in GPX or KML format.
  • Virtual Fence Settings: With the last button in the upper right hand corner of the map, you can configure Virtual Fences to set a defined safe area for your pet. Here you can:
    • Change the position of the Virtual Fence
    • Change the zone icon
    • Change of name and shape of the Fence
    • Deactivate/delete the Virtual Fence
    • Create a new Virtual Fence

To save the changes and exit the configuration, please click again on the symbol of the Virtual Fence.

Map Settings

At the bottom right of the screen, you have the option to adjust the settings for the map display itself.

  • Click on the gear setting to view display options.
    • Device Accuracy is indicated by a blue circle around the tracker within whose radius the actual location of the device is located.
    • The Virtual Fence is displayed with a red circle or square when the corresponding option has been activated.
  • The map view can also be changed to hybrid or satellite view if desired.


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