Overview - Tractive GPS Service Plans

Why does Tractive charge a service fee?

Tractive GPS trackers continuously send and receive data via local cellular networks; therefore each tracker is equipped with a SIM card which generates fees similar to those of your mobile phone service. Tractive only charges a small service fee to cover these costs. Read more about the benefits of the Tractive Service Plan.


Payment Intervals & Plan Options

You can pay in advance for your Tractive service plan on a monthly, annual, or biennial basis. 

At the end of the paid service period, your subscription will automatically be renewed in order to provide uninterrupted service to the tracker when you need it most. You can cancel the service at any time in the Tractive webapp.

Click below to view an overview of the Tractive BASIC and PREMIUM service plans, including pricing information in your local currency. 



How can I purchase a Tractive service plan?

If you have just purchased or received a new Tractive GPS tracking device, congratulations!

The next step is to activate it by purchasing a service plan. Make sure you have the tracker handy when you begin the activation process - as you will be asked for the 8-digit tracker ID on the back of the device. Download the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone or tablet, or visit my.tractive.com to get started. There you can create an account, sign in, and select 'Activate a Tracker' to be taken through the simple process to purchase your service plan. Within minutes of doing so - your tracker will be ready to start tracking! 


Activate your Tracker - Purchase a Service Plan 


Manage Service Plans

Once you have purchased a Tractive service plan and thereby activated a tracker, it is possible to view, manage, and terminate your service plan anytime at https://my.tractive.com/#/services. Please note however, that prepaid service plans are nonrefundable, except within the two week period after activation - and your service will still be valid until the end of the period for which it was paid. There is no refund available for monthly service plan cancellations.

Read more about the Tractive Cancellation Policy here. 

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