What is a Virtual Fence?

A Virtual Fence is a perimeter which defines a safe area which you'd like your pet to remain in. The Virtual Fence is displayed as a circle or square in the map view. If you have more than one tracker, it is necessary to set up a Virtual Fence for each tracker.

The Virtual Fence helps to keep your pet safe by notifying you (and anyone else you've shared the tracker with) as soon as your pet enters or exits the predetermined safe area.

The notifications are sent on your smartphone via push-notification (not SMS) and require an internet connection to be received. Sending times depend on network providers’ coverage and the smartphone-platform itself. Email notifications can also be enabled. Learn more about notifications settings here.

Note: the following video applies to Android devices; click here for instructions to set up a Virtual Fence on an iOS device or in the Tractive GPS web app.


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