What to do if you’re not receiving position updates

If you aren’t receiving regular position updates or are unable to use LIVE tracking reliably, this indicates the tracker is having difficulties connecting to cell networks or receiving data from GPS satellites. We're here to help with the following step-by-step guide:


Understanding GPS trackers

GPS trackers perform optimally in areas with strong cellular coverage and a clear view of the sky because they rely on signals from GPS satellites. Indoors, the performance of GPS trackers can be limited due to walls and other structures that block or weaken the signals, which can result in less accurate tracking information.

Additionally, in areas with weak or no coverage, the tracker may struggle to connect to the local cell network to send data. This can cause delays in position updates and issues with LIVE Tracking. However, the tracker will continuously attempt to reconnect. Once it regains connection, it will transmit the positions detected while offline to your app, which will then appear in your Location History.


Steps to follow

Try going outside and walking down the street with the tracker in your hand can help it establish the connections it needs. Should it not switch to Online status and update its position after a short walk, we suggest trying the following solution:

  • Reset your tracker by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds until the LED lights up and you hear a high-pitched tone.
  • Wait for around one minute
  • Briefly press the power button for one second. You'll see two LED flashes. Observe and note the colors of the flashes, such as green-green. (You can find out what these colors indicate here.)
  • Take a 10-minute stroll in your area with the tracker in your hand and LIVE tracking enabled.

How to reset your tracker



What should I do if I am still not receiving position updates?

If your tracker is still not updating its position after following the steps above, please repeat the steps and leave your tracker turned on. Then, reach out to our Customer Happiness team here. In your message, include the following details:

  • The two colors you see when you press the power button once
  • The time of your 10-minute outdoor walk

Providing this information will help us troubleshoot and resolve the issue more quickly.

Why is my pet’s position not updated in the Power Saving Zone?

This is because a Power Saving Zone is designed to be a safe, familiar area for your pet - usually indoors like your home. In such locations, continuously updating their GPS location becomes unnecessary for two main reasons:

1. their safety is assured, allowing you to save battery life for when you need it most (ie when your pet is roaming outdoors).

2. GPS signals may be obstructed by the roof of your home, leading to potential inaccuracies in location data.

Once your pet decides it’s time to explore beyond the Power Saving Zone, your tracker will start reporting GPS positions again.

What is the difference between Default & LIVE Tracking?

Below is a summary of the key distinctions between Default Tracking and LIVE Tracking. For more details, please refer to the article linked here.

default-vs-live_EN (1) (2).png

How can I get a more accurate path in my Location History?

The tracker has two tracking modes: Default Tracking and LIVE Tracking. To follow your pet’s every step in real-time, be sure to activate LIVE mode. In Default mode, location updates are less frequent, so you might not see an exact trace of your pet’s movements in the Location History. Choose LIVE for unparalleled tracking detail. More about Default & LIVE mode here.


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