Check your GSM Status- Cellular Network Connection

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is an international standard cellular service. Each Tractive Tracker works like a cell phone with an integrated SIM card to send GPS location data to your phone via the Tractive servers, which is displayed to you in the Tractive GPS app.


How can I check the GSM status of my device?

Turn the device on. Then, by pressing the power button for one second, the GSM & GPS status of the device will be shown to you by two consecutive blinking colored lights:

  • FIRST BLINK: When it is green, it means that there is a GSM connection to the Tractive server. In case it is red, there is no GSM connection.
  • SECOND BLINK: If the second blink is green, there is GPS available, if it is red, there is no GPS available.


Please  keep in mind, when you have no GSM connection, this could be a temporary network issue that will resolve itself within a few minutes.


Several reasons why you may not have a GSM connection

  • Your device is in an area with no network coverage.
  • The signal in your area is not very strong.
  • There is a temporary outage in the network provider's service.
  • A factory defect may prevent your GSM from working normally (contact us for a warranty repair).
  • Your device was otherwise damaged, which impacted its GSM connection capability.


What should I do, if the tracker has no service / GSM connection?

If you experience a red light indicating no GSM/network connection, you may try the following:

  1. Go outside or in an area where you normally have good cellular reception.
  2. Close the app, and open it again.
  3. Perform a reset of your device
  4. Wait. The issue could be caused by a temporary network shutdown which the service provider will soon fix.

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