Troubleshooting: My tracker has no network connection.

The Tractive GPS is fitted with an internal SIM card and requires both a GPS signal and mobile network signal in order to track your pet in real time. 

By pressing the power button on the Tractive GPS for one second, the GPS and network status of the device will be shown to you by two consecutive blinking lights. When the first blink is red, this indicates that there is no network connection.

Keep in mind, when you have no network connection, this could be a temporary network issue that will resolve itself within a few minutes. 


What can I do, if my tracker has no network connection?

If you experience a red light indicating no network connection, you may try the following:

  1. Go outside or in an area where you normally have good cellular reception.
  2. Turn your tracker off and on again.
  3. Close the app, and open it again. 


Several reasons why you may not have a network connection

  • Your device is in an area with no network coverage. 
  • The mobile network signal in your area is not very strong. Try using the device in another area to see if this is the case.
  • There is a temporary outage in the cellular network provider's service. The coverage may be restored soon, so in this case, check the status again later in the day.
  • You have recently moved to a new country. If you recently moved to a new region or country, your network coverage may have changed and your tracker may need to be updated. Contact Tractive for assistance.
  • Your device was otherwise damaged. Contact Tractive for more options.

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