What are the costs associated with a Tractive GPS Tracker?

There are two main costs associated with the Tractive GPS tracker: the device itself, and the service plan. An optional add-on is Tractive Care, which you can read about below.


Tracker Hardware

The first cost is that of the tracker itself. Please visit tractive.com and click on 'Products' to view the prices of the Tractive GPS tracker in your country.


Service Plan

In order to activate your device, a service plan will need to be purchased in the activation flow. An overview of service plans and costs can be found here.

Why does Tractive charge a service fee? Tractive GPS devices require an integrated SIM card which are connected to the local cellular network. Communication between the Tractive GPS app and the Tractive GPS pet tracking device requires data to be sent back and forth. However, we are working hard to keep this fee as low as possible for our customers. Customers will not have to sign a contract, and all payments are prepaid payments, so customers can decide at any time to stop the service, without any additional cancellation costs.


Tractive Care

Additionally, Tractive Care can be purchased at the time of activation. This one time fee will provide you with a new device in the case that your tracker is lost, stolen, or damaged within the duration of the service plan.

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