What is the battery life of the Tractive GPS Tracker?

Depending on usage and environmental factors, the battery life for most Tractive GPS devices is between two and five days. The battery can be completely recharged within two hours.

Due to the higher capacity of the battery of the Tractive GPS XL Edition, the battery life is up to 6 weeks. The battery of the XL can take up to 9 hours to be completely recharged.


How can I check the remaining battery life?

The current battery status is displayed in your Tractive app or at my.tractive.com. At 10%, a notification is sent to your smartphone. Please make sure you enable push notifications for the Tractive GPS app to receive this alarm.

If the battery status is very low, the LED on the device starts blinking red.

In case you are not using the GPS device for a prolonged period of time, Tractive recommends to fully charge the battery and then turn it off.


Factors that influence battery life

Battery life is influenced by several different factors, such as:

  • Cellular coverage
  • GPS availability
  • Temperature
  • Your pet’s activity level
  • Use of LIVE Tracking mode (LIVE Tracking mode drains the battery more quickly than default tracking mode.)

If your Tractive GPS battery life is less than 2-5 days (6 weeks for the XL version), please contact Tractive Customer Service for support.

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