All about LIVE Tracking

When LIVE Tracking mode is enabled, location updates are sent every few seconds and you can track your pet in real time. The path of your pet is indicated by a red line. It is up to you when and how often to activate LIVE Tracking mode. 


How to Activate LIVE Tracking Mode

On your Smartphone

  • In the menu, click on the profile picture/name of your pet and then on the LIVE button in the upper right hand corner of the map view.
  • Once LIVE Tracking is enabled, you can track your pet in real time via the red line in the map.

In your Browser

  • Visit and login with your Tractive account.
  • Click on the ‘LIVE’ button in the top right corner to activate LIVE Tracking mode.
  • The button turns blue once LIVE Tracking is activated.

Please note, that LIVE Tracking might take a few seconds to activate, depending on the quality of your signal strength. 


How to Turn Off LIVE Tracking

LIVE Tracking mode can be disabled by simply clicking on the LIVE button once again and confirming the action by pressing 'Stop'.


My LIVE Tracking session ended unexpectedly - why?

In the case that your device temporarily loses connection with the local cellular network, LIVE Tracking will time out. Additionally:


LIVE Tracking mode is automatically switched off after 15 minutes in order to conserve battery life. 


My LIVE Tracking isn't working - why?

Please make sure your Tractive GPS device is turned on and the battery is charged. It could be that your pet is in an area with poor GPS signal or bad cell coverage, for example in remote areas or in a building.

Read on to check the GSM/GPS status of your device

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