How does it work / How can I find my pet with a Tractive GPS tracker?

Inside the Tractive GPS tracker, a GPS module continually calculates the device's location based on its proximity to GPS satellites at any given time. The latest trackers also feature additional technologies, such as Bluetooth, to ensure that you can always see the most accurate location information possible about your pet.

All Tractive GPS trackers must be activated with a subscription plan before use. This activates the non-exchangeable, integrated SIM card inside the device, which connects the Tractive GPS tracker to the local cellular network.

Thanks to these technologies, you can track your pet in over 175 countries worldwide, anywhere there is cell coverage and with absolutely no distance limitation (unlimited range).


The tracker must be activated, turned on, and attached to your pet's collar in order to provide you with information about your pet's activity and whereabouts. Simply open the Tractive GPS mobile or web app to check on your furry friend.

The Tractive GPS continually detects your dog or cat's movement. In default tracking mode, if your pet is sleeping or stationary, the location will be updated less frequently than if your pet is on the go. You can enable LIVE Tracking mode in the app anytime to get location updates every 2-3 seconds. Follow your dog or cat's path on the map.

If the tracker is unable to detect GPS signals or connect to the cellular network in your area - for example, if your pet is indoors or in an area with no cellular coverage -, you can use the Find feature to locate your pet, provided that your tracker is within Bluetooth range of your cell phone.

Features such as the Virtual Fence, Location History, Light and Sound help you to keep track of your dog or cat at all times and find them immediately should they run away.

Whether your cat or dog is exploring the outdoors, playing in the house, or resting cozily in bed, the latest Tractive GPS trackers will also monitor your pet's activity to tell you how active your pet is, how much they rest, and even how many calories they burn each day.



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