How can I find my pet with Tractive?

How it works

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker works through an integrated GPS chip that continuously calculates its current location. This GPS data is sent to Tractive servers every few minutes, to enable pet owners to track their pets. An integrated, non-exchangeable SIM card enables the communication between the GPS device, Tractive Smartphone App and/or Tractive website. You can activate the LIVE Tracking feature anytime to see the movements of your pet in real-time, with updates every few seconds.


How to find your pet with Tractive 

You can see the location of your pet on your smartphone or on the Tractive webapp. The GPS tracker sends a new position update every few minutes. Update frequency depends on the activity level of your pet. 


If you enable LIVE Tracking mode, you will receive updates every few seconds and see the movements of your pet in real-time.

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