When getting a quote, what breed should I choose for my dog or cat?



When choosing the breed for your dog you can choose from 3 options:

Pedigree - this means parents are the same breed. For example, if both parents are Cockapoo’s you would choose a Cockapoo Pedigree.

Crossbreed - this means parents are different pure breeds. In this case, you select the most dominant breed of the dog. For example, if one parent is a Cockapoo and one parent is a Poodle, please choose which breed is the most dominant: like Cockapoo Cross

Mixed breed - this means parents are 3 or more breeds, often referred to as a Mongrel. In this case, you would select Mixed Breed, and the weight of your dog. For example, Mixed Breed 15kg-20kg.



When choosing the breed for your cat you can choose from 2 options:

Pedigree - this means both parents are the same breed.
Moggie - this means parents are 2 or more different breeds.

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