Can I track more than one dog at a time using the Walk feature? 

This option is currently available on iOS devices only. It will be available for Android users in the near future.

If you have multiple dogs registered to your Tractive account, you have the option to choose who is joining you for the walk. Just tap the Walk button on the map screen (on any of your dogs’ profiles) and the following screen will appear:



Simply select who's accompanying you, click on Start Walk, and then you're ready to embark on your adventure.

Note: You can only initiate a Walk from trackers that are activated on your own account, therefore trackers that have been shared with you via Family Sharing will not have the Walk feature enabled. 

It's important to understand that the Walk feature relies on your phone's GPS, not the trackers themselves. Therefore, you’ll notice that the recorded trace is focusing on your route (based on your phone’s GPS), and it will not follow every twist and turn that your dogs take.

If you wish to follow the exact trace of one of your dogs, then it's best to activate LIVE tracking. LIVE Tracking utilizes the tracker's location instead, updating every 2-3 seconds, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint your dog's whereabouts.

While a Walk is being recorded, you have the option to activate LIVE tracking, along with Radar mode and the Light and Sound feature by swiping up the bottom bar. The recording of your Walk will continue uninterrupted during LIVE tracking. Once you have finished the LIVE Tracking session, the Walk interface will reappear.

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