How can I record a Walk in the app?

Start a Walk

To begin recording your dog walk, open the Tractive GPS app and tap the Walk button at the bottom of the map screen.

If it’s your first time using this feature, you’ll be prompted to update your location permissions. In order for us to accurately track your walks (even when the app is running in the background) please allow the Tractive GPS app to: Always access location and be sure that the option Precise Location is enabled. Click here for further help with permission settings.

If the Walk button is grayed out (or you don’t see the button at all), please ensure that:

  • your pet type in your Pet Profile is set to "Dog"
  • your phone is connected to the internet.
  • the tracker is switched on with adequate battery.
  • the tracker is linked to your account. (Note: Walks cannot be initiated with trackers shared via Family Sharing)

Once the Walk has started, you’ll now see your path being recorded in the app. The Tractive app doesn't have to be open during your Walk. As long as the location permissions are set correctly (as detailed above), it will continue to track while running in the background.


What is the difference between the Walk feature and LIVE Tracking? 

It's important to understand that the Walk feature relies on your phone's GPS, not the tracker itself. Therefore, you’ll notice that the recorded trace is focusing on your route (based on your phone’s GPS), and it will not follow every twist and turn that your dog takes.

If you wish to follow your dog’s exact trace, then it's best to activate LIVE tracking. LIVE Tracking utilizes the tracker's location instead, updating every 2-3 seconds, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint your dog's whereabouts.

While a Walk is being recorded, you have the option to activate LIVE tracking, along with Radar mode and the Light and Sound feature by swiping up the bottom bar. The recording of your Walk will continue uninterrupted during LIVE tracking. Once you have finished the LIVE Tracking session, the Walk interface will reappear.


End a Walk

Once you've finished walking, simply tap the End button. Remember, each recorded Walk should be at least one minute long and cover a distance of more than one meter. The maximum duration for a Walk is six hours. Once this limit is reached, the Walk will be automatically stopped and saved.

Your Walk will now be visible in the Walks section of the History tab. More information about viewing your Walk History can be found here. 


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