What are Health Alerts and when do I get them?

Health Alerts are email notifications that let you know that your pet’s activity or sleep have shown unusual changes over a longer period. This is often a potential sign of a health problem. These alerts are especially useful in detecting issues early when your buddy is trying to hide their pain, or when their symptoms are almost invisible. That way, you can get them the care they need, and bring them back to happy and healthy as soon as possible.

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Activating Health Alerts

Unlocking Health Alerts is easy. Just use your tracker day and night, for at least 12 hours – ideally even more. This helps us make sure we have enough reliable information to get a complete picture of your buddy’s usual activity levels, sleep patterns and daily routines. The longer you keep the tracker on, the more accurate and helpful the alerts will be.


What the alerts are based on:

  • Your Pet’s Behavior We look into any significant changes in two key wellness factors – your pet’s active minutes and sleep interruptions.
  • Breed Comparisons We also apply our insights based on data from millions of pets, including those with a similar breed, age and size as yours.
  • Sleep + Activity Analysis We use our AI-supported methodology to determine which changes are longer-lasting or significant enough to merit a health alert.

More information about health alerts can be found here.

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