What does ‘co-payment’ mean?

Co-payment means you’ll pay a percentage of the claim amount after the excess has been deducted. 


With Tractive Pet Cover, a co-payment only starts when your pet is 6 years old or over, then you’ll need to pay a 10% co-payment towards each claim, as well as the £110 excess, and when your pet is aged 8 or over, you’ll then need to pay 20%. 


How does co-payment work?

The percentage excess is calculated after your fixed excess has been deducted


For example,you make a claim for £1,000, and you had a 20% co-payment on your policy, you’d pay the £110 excess and then 20% of the remaining £890, which is £178. 

This means you’d pay £178 + £110 = £288 in total towards the £1,000 claim, with your insurance covering the remaining £712.


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