What changes in my circumstances do I need to inform Tractive about?

It is important to always be honest and truthful to ensure that any claim you make can be paid in line with your policy. If in doubt please get in touch to let us know about the change. For example, you should always tell us about the following:

  • You move house or change your residential address.
  • You pay by monthly Direct Debit and your bank details change.
  • You have new information about your pet that was not previously disclosed at the start of your policy. 
  • Concerns have been raised about your pet’s behaviour, for example:
    • If your pet has attacked, bitten or shown aggressive tendencies towards another person or animal.
    • If your pet has caused an accident or is subject to legal action.
  • Your pet passes away.
  • You think you may have problems making your premium payments

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