About the Tractive PREMIUM Service Giftcard

Giving the gift of GPS tracking to a friend? Did you know that along with the tracker itself, you can buy a prepaid gift card - good for one year's worth of Premium Tractive Service? The gift card service plan is valid on all Tractive GPS trackers. 


Buy the Tractive Giftcard - Annual PREMIUM Service


How can I activate a service plan using a prepaid gift card?

If you have recently received a gift card for Annual Premium Service and would like to use it to activate your tracker, simply follow the steps below.

In the Tractive GPS Webapp:

  • Create an account or log in to my.tractive.com
  • Click 'Activate a Tracker'
  • Enter the 8-digit Tracker ID (found on the back of the device) and select 'Next'
  • Select your country and then 'Advanced...'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'I have a prepaid activation code'

  • In the pop-up window, enter the 11-digit code found on the gift card.
  • Your tracker is now activated! You can now assign your pet's details to the Tractive GPS.
  • Manage your service plan anytime at https://my.tractive.com/#/services


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