Where can I manage my subscription plans?

To manage your Tractive GPS subscription plan(s), follow the steps below:

  • Visit my.tractive.com in your web browser and log in.
  • Click Trackers & Subscription Plans.
  • Select the desired tracker.
  • Click on Subscription Plan.

There you will see an overview of the subscription plan linked to that tracker and can use the pink button or select More Actions to make changes to your subscription plan.

Below is an explanation of some of the options you may see in your subscription plan settings:


Enable Tractive Care

Tractive Care is a service which will provide you with a replacement device, in case your tracker is lost, stolen, or damaged at any time throughout the prepaid subscription plan period.

You can read more about Tractive Care here and add it to your existing subscription plan at any time.


Enable Auto-Renew (Automatic Renewal)

If you previously cancelled your subscription plan, or otherwise did not enter your payment details at the time of activation, your subscription plan will not be automatically renewed - and you can enable automatic renewal using this option.

By default, all Tractive GPS subscription plans are automatically renewed to ensure continuous service to your tracker when you need it most and this is communicated at the time of activation. 

Automatic renewal will be disabled in the case that you cancel your Tractive GPS subscription.


Transfer Subscription Plan

If you recently received a replacement GPS tracker, you can activate it here by selecting this option. Read more about the subscription plan transfer process here.


Add Payment Info

Select this option to add a new payment method or update your primary payment method. Click here for more information about updating the payment method.


Upgrade to PREMIUM

If you're on the BASIC subscription plan, and want to try out the PREMIUM Tractive GPS features, you can do so by upgrading your subscription plan to PREMIUM. As soon as the upgrade is complete, you can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of the PREMIUM plan. 

Your account will be charged a small amount for the upgrade to PREMIUM for the remaining subscription plan time, and on the next renewal date, you'll be billed for the price of the PREMIUM plan you select. 

Click here to view the Tractive GPS BASIC and PREMIUM subscription plans and pricing.


Change Payment Interval

Are you paying monthly, but want to change to yearly or biennial billing in order to enjoy greater savings per month? (By paying in advance, you can take advantage of a lower monthly pricing.) Use this option to change to a yearly or biennial payment plan.


Troubleshoot Tracker

Having trouble with your device? View the Tractive GPS Help Center troubleshooting articles by selecting this option. 


Contact Customer Service

If you need further assistance, you can contact Tractive Customer Service. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your GPS trackers and subscription plans. Click on the blue button labeled Contact Us in the Help Center to receive support.

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